Tips For Planning and Taking the Ultimate Fall Road Trip


Looking for a fun, COVID-friendly getaway? A road trip is the perfect opportunity to experience some new sights and bond with your loved ones, or just make some great memories solo. If you’re looking forward to hitting the road, fall may be the ideal time of year to make your trip. Autumn foliage can be crazy awesome, especially in states like Colorado and Vermont. Before you pack up the car, here’s what you need to know to plan the ultimate fall road trip: 

Choose Your Destination 

Although spur of the moment drives can be a blast, longer road trips usually require some preparation. Determining your top priorities for the road trip will help you plan an unforgettable journey. If taking a drive through canopies of colorful fall leaves sounds like a dream, be sure to research routes that are famous for providing this experience. Keep in mind that the peak time for vivid colors is different by region, and sometimes it’s a small window of opportunity. To be on the safe side, check local guidelines to pinpoint the best timeline. For those who prefer to stop off for a bite to eat at iconic restaurants or coffee shops, make sure your trip aligns with their hours of operation. When you have a solid idea of what you’re wanting from the trip, you can plan accordingly to make your vision a reality. 

Prep Your Ride 

Once you’ve planned the perfect route and found a few spots along the way to enjoy, it’s time to prep your ride or book a rental. When determining whether to take your own or get a rental, consider the weather you expect to pass through. If you’re navigating mountainous regions like Colorado that may experience snow, a vehicle with four-wheel drive may be the safest option. Planning to take your own car? Don’t forget to perform routine maintenance and do a safety check to ensure that all the features are in working order. 

Pack the Right Gear 

Whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip or a leisurely drive to a neighboring town, you’ll need comfortable apparel, luggage, and drinkware to get you through. Essentials such as tank tops, tees, and hoodies are a must on any road trip, to make sure you’re covered in any weather. Reusable water bottles, canteens, and tumblers are also useful for bringing along to help you stay hydrated and avoid making stops for drinks. 

If you’re looking forward to exploring this fall, a road trip is where it’s at. You’ll want to stay busy making great memories instead of troubleshooting, and the tips mentioned here will help you streamline your trip. When you’re in need of high-quality apparel, drinkware, and accessories to take along your journey, shop our collection of products. Our line is designed in Colorado with adventure and sustainability in mind. We love to connect, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.