Eco Friendly Brands We Support


Eco Friendly Brands We Support
At Be Hippy, the backbone of our brand emphasizes developing unique, high quality goods with the heart of our brand centered around sustainability. A large portion of our apparel, lifestyle goods and operations reflect that sustainable focus. Through partnerships with many eco friendly brands we can achieve our sustainability goals and help protect Mother Earth. If we focus on sustainable initiatives and brands that support positive change, we will be able to enjoy the outdoors for many generations to come. All of us need to do our part and support eco friendly brands who choose to celebrate the Earth Day today and every day! 

Eco Friendly Brands Who Make Our Clothing
Through several partnerships, we have found a few eco friendly brands who align with our values that produce high quality sustainable clothing. When you shop our Eco Collection, you will find tees made from REPREVE and organic cotton by Allmade. We also work with a Colorado based sustainable clothing brand, Kastlfel, who develops polyester from recycled plastic bottles and cotton. Keep reading to learn more about each of these eco friendly brands.

REPREVE uses recycled plastic bottles to create high performance fibers that make up some of our best selling products. Additionally, REPREVE uses less resources to produce high quality tees, emits fewer greenhouse gasses and conserves water and energy in the process. Talk about a win, win for Mother Earth! Shop our REPREVE tees here!

All of our Allmade tees are produced with 100% organic cotton that is ethically and sustainably sourced. These tees are made here, in the US and when you purchase Allmade sustainable clothing, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint, save water and of course reduce waste! Shop our All Made tees here!

You can’t get more local than a Colorado based brand like Kastlfel, to produce sustainable clothing! Our Eco Bold Love Hoodie is made with EARTHSPUN® Certified Recycled Yarns and is certified to the Global Recycling Standard. The GRS is a certification, where six criteria must be met. Those criteria include: aligning the definition of “recycled”, tracking and tracing of recycled materials, providing customers with the knowledge and tools to make educated decisions, reducing the impact of production on planet Earth, ensuring the final product is produced sustainably, and driving innovation related to recycled materials. Additionally, this hoodie goes through the final process of printing in Denver where they use Water Based Printing that has no Plastisol inks! All water from the printing process is recycled creating a closed loop system. You’ll look good and feel good wearing this hoodie!

Eco Friendly Brands for Day to Day Life
Whether you’re on the go enjoying the road less traveled, enjoying a tailgate before your favorite artist performs on stage or relaxing with friends around the campfire, we’ve got the perfect eco friendly products for everyday life. From reusable water bottles and tumblers, to eco friendly socks, to stickers made sustainably or even reusable bags, BE HIPPY has  partnered with some of the best eco friendly brands in the business. Keep reading to learn more about each of these products and the brands that back them or click here to shop our Eco Collection!

Taking your drink on the go, no problem! With a wide selection of water bottles and tumblers you are sure to find a style that fits your vibe. Two of the brands we work with to produce our hippy drinkware are Klean Kanteen and EcoVesselKlean Kanteen is helping to kick plastic to the curb for good, by offering  a stainless steel solution to drinkware. They are also climate neutral certified, a member of 1% for the Planet and a partner of Leave No Trace. The other drinkware brand we work with is EcoVessel, who produces our wine tumblers! Based in Boulder, Colorado, who also focuses on eliminating single use plastic with reusable insulated stainless steel. Looking to remove plastic bottles from your lifestyle, click here to shop our stainless steel drinkware!

SOS Socks also known as “save our soles” is based in Broomfield, Colorado! Our Eco Socks are made with the CoolMax material that comes from recycled plastic water and soda bottles. Those plastic bottles are transformed into a plusher fiber, that feels good while wearing them on whatever activity you do! To shop our eco socks, click here!

Dust City creates all of our wood stickers at Be Hippy! Through sustainably sourced wood in the U.S. and their biodegradable properties, these stickers are the ultimate option for consumers looking for an eco friendly solution. Not to mention they are super cute! Click here to shop our wood sticker options!

All of our Eco Totes come from Bagito, who is inspired by sustainability and is directly in line with our values. Looking to reduce single-use plastic bags, Bagito developed easy-to-reuse bags made from sustainable materials. They also focus on ethical production and ensuring a better future for generations to come by partnering with Power2Sustain. To shop our reusable totes, click here!

Eco Friendly Brands Within Our Operations
Sourcing eco friendly products that are in line with our values is integral to our focus and future of our brand. But, we also must focus on our operations and where we as a company can reduce our impact. Through partnerships with Enclose and 1% for the Planet, we are reducing our environmental footprint. Delivering our products in packaging that can be recycled, while also helping to provide funds for nonprofits looking to achieve their environmental goals by donating 1% of sales to 1% for the Planet, you can feel good when you make a purchase from Be Hippy.