Whether you are on this side or that side, standing here or there…at Be Hippy we are standing with kindness.

2020 is an election year and it often becomes a time of division and uncertainty. We want it to BE HIPPY and celebrate what makes us similar, alike and strong – together. Hear people out, celebrate different cultures and ultimately BE KIND!

Celebrate with us during the kindness campaign! What will you choose to be?

  • Kindness Matters – Always! Durable for any adventure, and with the perfect message!

    • 3.5″ W × 4″ H
    • 22 oz.
    • Rim & handle are double dipped to withstand extra wear
    • Campfire and stovetop safe
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  • In a world where you can be anything, Be a Good Human!

    4″ UV protected sticker can withstand being outside.



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